The Fasted Growing Sport In America


Rugby is a high intensity contact sport, it is currently the fastest growing sport in the United States and gains in popularity every year.

The general of rugby in terms of scoring is for each team to carry the ball to the opponent’s goal line and touchdown for a try, you then have the opportunity to kick for extra points. In rugby a try is worth five points and the kick after is worth two points. There are two other ways to score in rugby, when the referee awards you a penalty, if you are close enough to the goal posts you can kick for them, which is worth three points. The second way is through a drop goal, at any point in the game a player can go for a drop goal. This is done by drop kicking the ball over the posts and is also worth three points.

There are two types of penalties in rugby, certain penalties, or infringements, are more costly and will give the ball directly to the other team. Lesser infringements such as a forward pass or dropping the ball forward, a knock on, result in a scrum. A Scrum involves 8 players from each team binding together in 3 rows in a 3-4-1 formation. The front 3 from both sides will then engage each other while another player feeds the ball down the middle.

In open play the ball can only be passed from player to player backwards, if it travels forward or is dropped forward it is an infringement and the other team is awarded a scrum. At any point a player has the option to kick the ball directly out of hand, however unless behind their own 22 meter line the ball must bounce in play before going out of bounds.

Once a person is tackled, he must present the ball backwards towards his team. Players from both sides will then contest over the top of the ball aiming to drive the other team away and win possession, this is called a ruck. Once a team has won the ball it is passed back out and play continues.

It is very important before playing rugby to stretch, because this is a contact sport it is very important to be flexible and have all your muscles in peak condition. Stretching will help in recovery time from tackling and prevent muscle injuries.